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What is McLeod GEMs?

McLeod GEMs is an association of young families “Going the Extra Mile” under the leadership of the McLeod Foundation. The purpose of the McLeod GEMs is to provide families the opportunity to build friendships, enjoy family time, learn about their health and impact the lives of others through giving.  Membership dues create afund to invest effectively in McLeod Children’s Hospital projects that will build and strengthen Foundation-supported programs through the power of joint contributions.

What are the Membership Dues?
The membership dues for the McLeod GEMs are a minimum of $100 annually per family. 

How will the Fund be used?

The annual membership dues are pooled and held as the McLeod GEMs Fund, which is then used to support programs and services for McLeod Children’s Hospital. Each year, the members of the McLeod GEMs will vote on how the fund shall be utilized for the benefit of McLeod Children’s Hospital patients and families.

How often do McLeod GEMs meet?

The McLeod GEMs meet four times a year:
October 18– Halloween Party at the home of Kristi and Dave Horger
November 22– Jingle Bell Ball, Parent Child Dance
March 22– Family Field Day
April 25– McLeod Children’s Hospital Golf Classic After Party (adults only)

The events are held after hours to help accommodate busy schedules. There are also two opportunities
for your children to volunteer at the McLeod Children’s Hospital while learning what it means to help others in need. 

September 24 and February 20 at 4:00 p.m in the Children’s Hospital.

How can I join?
McLeod GEMs membership is open to all young families who are interested. If you would like to become a member, visit and click on Community Partners and then McLeod GEMs or contact Davis Sawyer in the McLeod Foundation at 843-777-2138 or

How can I learn more about the McLeod Foundation and McLeod Children’s Hospital?

If you would like to learn more about the work of the McLeod Foundation and Children’s Hospital, please visit our website: or friend us on Facebook.

McLeod GEMs Advisory Committee

Kristi Horger, Co-Chair                        
Amy Urquhart, Co-Chair                                  
John Chase                                                      
Erin Faile                                 
Tracie Foster                                                     
Sue Jona                                  
Susan Lewis                                                    
Elizabeth O’Dell                                   
Mandy Runyan                                     
Dawn Walker                          
Angie Watford                                     
Derick Urquhart


GEMs will receive a discounted rate to join McLeod Health and Fitness Center. McLeod Health and Fitness Center will waive the joining fee and offer a rate of $44 per month. To take advantage of this discounted rate, tell the membership representatives at the fitness center that you are a GEM and they will take care of the rest.

2012 - 2013 McLeod GEMs Members 

Dr. and Mrs. Josh Angus Mr. and Mrs. Derek Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Askins Dr. and Mrs. Vinod Jona
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ateyeh Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kampiziones
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bailey Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. William Barefoot Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Love
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Barnett  Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lowry
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Belk Dr. and Mrs. Greg May
Mr. and Mrs. Robby Bridgers Dr. and Mrs. Steven McKay
Dr. and Dr. Trey Bishara Dr. and Mrs. Shawn McKay
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Bratton Drs. John and Caroline McKillop
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cameron Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Mezzanotte
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Campbell Dr. and Mrs. Michael Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. John Chase Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Coker Mr. Jeffrey and Dr. Amy Murrell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Collins Dr. and Mrs. Brian Naylor
Dr. and Mrs. Kievers L. Cunningham Dr. and Mrs. Jason O'Dell
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Denton Dr. and Mrs. Ganesha Perera 
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dozier Drs. Noel and Michele Phipps
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Elkins Dr. and Mrs. Keith Player
Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Faile Mr. and Mrs. Chadley Runyan
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Feltham Mr. and Mrs. Gantt Sawyer
Dr. and Mrs. Manny Fonseca Mr. and Mrs. Brian Shaffer
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Granger Mr. and Mrs. Adam Slice
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Griffin Dr. and Mrs. Jamie Smith
Ms. Ellis Bethea Guyton Dr. and Mrs. John Sonfield
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hanna Dr. and Mrs. Erik Stopa
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Herbert Mr. and Mrs. Adam Swindler
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Hicks Mr. and Mrs. McCall Swink
Mr. and Mrs. JP Hilley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tilton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Holladay Mr. and Mrs. Joel Tyner
Dr. and Mrs. David Horger Mr. and Mrs. Derick Urquhart
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Kyle Watford
Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Weave Whitehead, Jr.




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